Monday, 16 September 2013

"Travel Your Way" Photo Competition

Rhino Car Hire has launched an interesting photo competition, and I have been invited to participate by Dana from Time Travel Plans. The prize are £1,000 for the overall winner, and a SONY Nex-3N Compact Camera System worth £379 for every category winner. 
Travel bloggers are invited to submit their photos of their travels on different means of transport. Not that I want to compete with "real" photographers, but I thought browsing through my old photographs would be both interesting and funny!
By road
I was on a road trip with my parents through the lakes of Northern Italy. We stopped in Omegna, on the northern tip of Lake d'Orta, a small yet lovely lake in Piedmont, when we spotted this car, parked in front of a driving school. How would it be to take a road trip on this jewel of a car?

Taken at Omegna, Lago D'Orta
Old 'cinquecento' parked in Omegna, Lake d'Orta

By air

I was at Girona airport after a trip to Barcelona, and I snapped this picture from the big window in the waiting hall. I call it "The Power of Ryanair".

The Power of Ryanair
The Power of Ryanair. Girona, Spain

By sea

This one is more about travelling by water, but I realized I hadn't posted this picture. Slovenia is a country for lovers of outdoor activities. In Lake Bohinj you can hike from one side to the other, or you can rent a canoe and paddle your way to the next beach.

Lonely canoeing in Lake Bohinj, Slovenia

By Rail

I travel by train a lot, but I struggled to find a good picture of my journeys on the railways of Europe and beyond. Then I had an illumination: the train is not the only way to travel on rails! And this is when I remembered about this picture taken last May in Istanbul. I was a bit bored and disappointed by Istiklal Caddesi: to me it looked like any other big commercial street. It could have been in any European city. Then I heard the ring of the tram, and I was suddenly ecstatic about Istiklal Caddesi. I travelled with the tram a lot while in Istanbul, and it is a safe and easy way to move around the city.

A tram in Istiklal Caddesi
Tram and veiled woman in Istiklal Caddesi, Istanbul

Now it's time to nominate five other bloggers I follow and invite them to participate in this photo competition: Bon Voyage, Lauren, Travelling Book Junkie, abitofculture, You Should Go too! and Danik the Explorer.

Happy travels everyone! 


  1. Great photos, Stefania. I especially love the one in Slovenia. It's a country that's steadily moving up my list of travel priorities!

  2. Great submission! The photo from Slovenia is beyond gorgeous and I like the phrase "the power of Ryanair". Haha.
    Thank you for the invite :) I'll post mine sometime next week.

  3. Thabnk you both. I love that photo too, but it's not me, it's Slovenia!

  4. Love all of your submissions for sure but the Slovenia images really catches my eye, so tranquil and lovely. Thank you for inviting me too and Happy Travels!

  5. That one pic of you canoeing in Slovenia was AMAZING! Great collection of photos, I really enjoyed it.

  6. Thank you Barbara and JR. The colours of Slovenia are really that beautiful!


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